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Collagist packages revised

At Collagist, we are getting ready for the holidays. We have some very interesting things prepared for you for the next few weeks. We reviewed our current website, product offerings, and comments from our customers. Based on the review and how the photo collages market place has changed around us we have decided to focus on the following:

  • Updated website to promote our offerings
  • Simplified product offerings
  • Revised product pricing/packages

We have started on the website and in simplifying the product offerings. We  will write more about it in the next few days. For now, we are revising our Collage Packages and making the pricing simple and easy to understand. All our products still come with personalized service, quality products and 100% guarantee.

We focus on offering your unique collage designs in three formats – Photo Print, Gator Board, and Canvas. All our collages come with free title, borders for pictures, and background colors/patterns. We let you know the number of photos that suit your collage size and give you  a digital proof before we get the collage printed.


Please stay tuned. We hope that you visit us in the next few weeks and order your own photo collage from us.

Collagist Team

Collagist Promotion Audio:


Are you taking too many photographs?

You know that you have have a lot of photos and they all are sitting on your computer.

Why don’t you create stunning and beautiful photo collage masterpieces with your photos?

Collagist focuses on creating personalized photo collages. Place your order today and get your own collage design within 2 days. Our services and products are 100% guaranteed.


Go to www.collagist.com and place your order today.
Do more with your pictures.

Word cloud from Collagist blog words. Take a look at this beautiful word cloud based on the Collagist Blog.

Happy New Year 2012 to all our friends, followers and  customers.


Word Cloud from Collagist Blog

Word Cloud from Collagist Blog

Free Shipping Special for the Holidays! This offer is only valid until January 8th, 2012.

Free Shipping is valid on all products. Just add product of your choice to the shopping cart and place your order. Your Free Shipping offer will automatically be applied to the order at checkout.

In addition to the FREE shipping we also have great great promotions for 18″x24″ Collages.

Collagist Free Shipping Promotion

Look at Current Collagist promotions page to find the coupon codes for 18″x24″ collages. Remember you get FREE Shipping on top of these special prices.

Promotions Link: http://www.collagist.com/cart/index.php?dispatch=promotions.list

Collagist Font Samples

48 Font Styles that make your collage designs one of your own…

Add Captions or titles for your collage with your choice of font style, color, size and weight. Please go through the following font samples that we could use on your collage designs.

If you come across a font sample that you want to use then provide a link to the font and we will see if we have it our library or can purchase it for your collage.

Starting this holiday season we could add a caption to your collage for no additional fee.

Collagist Font Samples - 48 Styles to choose from.

Collagist Font Samples - 48 Styles to choose from


Collagist Font Samples for download:

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to all Collagist friends and customers.


Collage Background Colors

Collage background colors or patterns make your photos stand out on a Collage. Personalized collage design means that we give you a choice about the background color, overall space around the collage. Choose a color that either matches or contrasts with the wall color where you hang the collage. Take a look at the attached background color samples while thinking about your collage design.

Background Colors Samples

Background Colors for your Collage

A few weeks ago, we posted a Christmas Collage Idea and thought we’d revisit the topic as we edge closer and closer to the 25th.  That’s right, there are only five shopping days left until Christmas!  For those of you struggling to find gift ideas, here a few collage related thoughts that can be completed last minute (but give the impression that you’ve been thinking all year about it):

  1. Looking for a gift for a family member or close friend?  Assemble some of your favorite pictures, select a collage product, and order the prints.
  2. Once you’ve received the prints, you can go the traditional route and frame the collage or use magnets to hang.
  3. You can make a smaller copy and cut and fold it around a plastic juice can for a pencil holder.
  4. You can slip one in the front of a 3-ring notebook.
  5. Cover a pencil box with your collage.

Free Christmas greeting cards.  Hope you enjoy these designs. Feel free to share them with others.

All designs are included here for download in 300  dpi high resolution.  CMYK JPGs for Print and Adobe PSDs.

RGB colors are for display and CMYK for printing. CMYK color card designs may differ when you view them on the web broswer but will look good after printing.

Download Christmas outside and inside card jpgs. PSD file

Download Christmas outside and inside card jpgs. PSD file

Download Christmas outside and card inside jpgs. PSD file

Download Christmas outside and card inside jpgs. PSD file

I hope everyone is having a great week.  With the hectic Holiday season in full-bore, sometimes it’s the little things you forget.  And while we would never consider customer service a “little thing,” heck, exceptional service is what makes us different, we thought today would be a good time to focus on communication.  Specifically, ways for you, our valued customer, to recommend an improvement to our product or service.

Believe it or not, you actually have five ways to reach us, talk to us, and engage in productive communication with the Collagist team.   Here they are:

1) Telephone – Yes, it may be considered old-school in today’s high tech world, but who doesn’t like the option of picking up the phone to reach out and communicate.   We believe in this avenue so much that we put it right where you want it, on top of the Collagist.com homepage for all the world to see – 508-925-7474.

2) Website Contact Form – If you have questions about placing your order, need a custom quote for your project, or simply want to make a suggestion, head right over to our contact form and say hi!

3) Blog – Well this is an easy one.  See this blog you’re reading?  If you look below, you’ll see two words, “No Comments.”  Let’s change that!  Drop us a note and we’ll be sure to respond.

4) Facebook – Oh ya, Facebook isn’t just for the kids out there, it’s also a serious business tool.  If you happen to be one of the 500 million people in the world on Facebook, why not check us out, “like us,” and engage with the Collagist community!

5) Twitter – Last but certainly not least, Twitter is the newest way to reach us.  Short, sweet, and to the point, Twitter gives you 140 characters to make a recommendation, ask a question, or simply say “hi.”  If you’re doing the Twitter thing, let’s follow each other!  We have over 130 followers right now and growing by the day.  We love Twitter and so will you.

So there you have it, five ways to reach out and talk to us.  Don’t be shy, tell us what we can do to help YOU do more with your pictures!

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